The Menus

We Require a deposit of £5 per head and pre-order for groups of 10 or more, deposits are only refundable in the form of a voucher. Cancellations on the day of your reservation will not be refunded in full, but will be charged for the no-shows or cancellations made after the confirmed reservation time.

Our Beef

Our beef is sourced from local cattle which graze on naturally lush and mineral-rich grass. It has a good fat covering and marbling effect throughout which gives our hand-cut steaks an amazing flavour. It is dry matured on the bone for up to 21 days, which allows the muscle fibres of the beef to break down, leaving the steaks mouthwateringly tender and the deep red colour typical of well-aged beef.

Its the little things

In keeping with the relaxed and leisurely atmosphere of Mulberrys, we don’t believe in fast food. That’s why our restaurant is the most popular in Yeovil and why it is usually essential to book well in advance.

We pride ourselves on the quality and freshness of our food. We buy only the best produce from local suppliers and every dish on our menu is prepared to can be sure your meal hasn’t been plucked out of a freezer and microwaved.

There are no modern, high-tech ways of producing good food and you can see our kitchen staff exercising their traditional skills in our open kitchen. Ja, The Head Chef, and his capable kitchen team take great care with presentation because we believe that an attractive dish is more appetising and satisfying than one that has been simply shovelled on to the plate.

For these reasons, you may find that you will have a slightly longer wait than in some other establishments...but we are sure you will find that it is worth the extra few minutes.

After all, every meal should be an occasion, not just a hurried eat-and-run. Larger groups may find it convenient to email the Kitchen their orders in advance and you can find our menus on this page. We welcome your comments on our food and our service; they help us to maintain our high standards.